Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Courtesy, Professionalism, & Respect

I went for a long bike ride on Sunday.

By "long" I mean 40 miles; I am working up to a century. I like the idea of pedaling every last inch of 100 miles.

I left my house in Brooklyn at 7am to avoid the crowds, but ended up running into the New York City Triathlon on 96th street and Riverside Park. The participants were just emerging from the water and running, dripping, barefoot, to their bikes. I heard one ask as he ran, "Did you feel a current? I like, didn't feel any fuckin' current at all!"

My intended route was totally blocked by wet running people, orange temporary fencing, and otiose police officers. I asked one of the officers, "Excuse me, do you know how far up the path is blocked?"

He said, "How the fuck did you get here?"

I said, "On my bike."

He said. "Oh, we got a smart ass here."

So I biked off in the opposite direction and found my own way.


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